Throat Cancer

I used to enjoy smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol at parties and bars. But I learned that I had put myself at the great risk of getting throat cancer. Throat cancer is part of head and neck cancer, where that whole area of your body is at risk.

Even smokeless tobacco products greatly increases your chances of getting neck cancer. These products contain toxic ingredients that activate the abnormal cell growth.

Symptoms of throat cancer are:

* Bad breath

* Unusual bleeding from the mouth

* Sometimes a sore tongue

* Painless ulcer or sores in the mouth that do not heal.

* White, red or dark patches in the mouth that will not go away.

* Ear-ache.

* A lump in your lip, mouth or gums.

* Sinus congestion

throat cancer

Our voice box is divided into three parts. They are the glottis(vocal cords), supra-glottis and sub-glottis. Most cancers occur in the glottis.

Symptoms of this cancer are:

* Hoarseness or other voice changes

* A lump or enlarged lymph glands in the neck

* A sore throat or feeling that something is stuck in the throat

* High pitched sounds coming from breathing

* Neck pain

* Sinus congestion

* Difficulty swallowing food

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