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Teen smoking is an issue still greatly debated today. I was a teen when I started smoking. I realized that I was part of a statistic because research shows that most people start smoking in their teenage years. I was 16 years old, and I remember it like it was yesterday.

teen smoking

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I was not in the states when I smoked my first cigarette. I had bought my first pack of Marlboro Lights at some small store next to my house. I did not start to smoke immediately. The cigarette pack was in my drawer all wrapped up.

At school we would have some speakers talk about teen smoking. To be honest, all I would hear was blah blah blah. I was always thinking about if I should try to smoke or not. I did not care about all those health issues and warnings.

The thought of smoking was exhilarating at that age. I was breaking the rules, I felt like I was doing something by my own decision and not by my parents and other family members.

I was also talking with my friends about if we should try it or not. They had agreed to try it also. It was now a matter of when to do it. One day, I had an argument with my mom at home. I was really pissed off.

As soon as she left to go back to work a few hours later, I went to look for my cigarette pack in my drawer. I opened that thing up and took out a cigarette. My heart was beating fast. I lit it up and inhaled my first puff.

I immediately got a head rush and started coughing like crazy. The head rush was cool, but I felt sick. But I kept on smoking because I was feeling like a rebel. After smoking the cigarette, I called up one of my friends.

I told him that I had smoked my first cigarette that day, he told me that he had smoked his first cigarette two or three days back but just hadn't told anyone about it. I told him that he sucked for not telling me.

We would meet after school and just smoke. I spent my first weeks feeling sick all the time after smoking. But then I just kept on smoking until I no longer felt sick. I don't know why. I would smoke at parties and people would ask me when I started smoking, being all surprised.

I enjoyed the attention too. I admit, peer pressure played a role in my smoking. But I don't smoke anymore. I feel much better now that I don't smoke. I don't encourage anyone to smoke. You are only doing damage to yourself. My advice to you is not to try it. Nothing good comes out of it.

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