Stroke Statistics

Cigarette smoking increases your chances of getting strokes. These stroke statistics reveal how common it is for older smokers to get strokes.

■ Up to 10% of all stroke patients develop seizures, most commonly in the week after the event.

■ 30 to 50% of stroke survivors suffer post stroke depression. They become irritated and have sleep disturbances.

■ This disability affects 75% of stroke survivors enough to decrease their chances of being employed.

■ Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability in the United States and Europe. It is the number two cause of death worldwide and may soon become the leading cause of death worldwide.

■ The incidence of stroke increases exponentially from 30 years of age, and etiology varies by age. Advanced age is one of the most significant stroke risk factors.

■ 95% of strokes occur in people age 45 and older, and two-thirds of strokes occur in those over the age of 65.

■ Men are 25% more likely to suffer strokes than women.

■ Yet 60% of deaths from stroke occur in women. Since women live longer, they are older on average when they have their strokes and thus more often killed.

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