Smoking Statistics

These very interesting smoking statistics were obtained from both the CDC and WHO websites. They paint a clear picture of how smoking cigarettes is affecting our lives.

Did you know that:

■ Every 8 seconds that pass by, a person dies from using tobacco.

■ About 1 in 5 deaths in America are from cigarette use. This represents about 443,000 deaths per year.(look at chart below)

■ This chart shows that out of the 443,000 deaths per year:

128,900 smokers die of lung cancer
126,000 smokers die from Ischemic heart disease
92,900 from COPD

smoking statistics

and so on...

■ For every cigarette that you smoke, you lose an average of 5 minutes of your life.

■ Research shows that of all long-term smokers, half will die from tobacco.


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