Smoking Quit Tips

You've come to right place to get your two cents of smoking quit tips. Many people are still searching for the best ways to quit smoking.

Some look towards medications while others are looking for that ultimate technology quitting machine. I believe that the best way to quit smoking is to slowly reduce the amounts of cigarettes that you smoke.

That's how I did it. It works because I've been there. It took some time, but I still made it.

Quitting cold turkey is too brutal on the body. Some people find that it works for them, but it poses an incredible amount of stress on the body.

My body was accustomed to getting its share of nicotine, I was addicted. So I slowly weened off my addiction by reducing the amount of cigarettes.

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1) Have the urge/desire to quit

2) Study your smoking habits before taking any actions

3) Repeat every morning "I will quit smoking" about 5 times

4) Repeat every night before going to bed "I will quit smoking" about 5 times

5) Separate your smoking habits into sections

6) Tackle one section at a time

These tips helped me quit. Today, makes 8 years since my last cigarette. It actually bothers me now when someone smokes next to me.

But in life what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. So modify the quit tips to fit your agenda.

The point of these tips are to help you become self-conscious of your habits. Once you do that then you gain power on your habits.

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