Smokers Lungs

Below you'll see some x-rays of smokers lungs and non-smokers lung. When you are young, you are agile and full of energy enjoying life. You feel like you are made of steel and that nothing can stop you.

But as you grow older, things start to change. You start getting some pain here and there in your body. You start to realize that, that body of steel is starting to deplete.

Smoking just adds to the complications. You have to prepare your health for the next ten years. You have to evaluate how your livelihood now will affect your livelihood in the future.

smokers lungs

This picture is an x-ray of the lungs of a healthy person.

smokers lungs

This picture is an x-ray of the lungs of a person with lung cancer.

If you can quit now, then you will avoid the health effects that comes with smoking, like tumors in the lungs and COPD. Quit now and avoid having to go to numerous doctors visit.

Quit now, benefit from it, and enjoy your life 10 years from now.

I have launched the Quash It !!! Campaign to help fight lung cancer. Join in and help spread the word !

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