Smokeless Tobacco

Is smokeless tobacco a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes? Definitely not. Many users of these alternative tobacco products seem to believe that because they are not smoking cigarettes that they are avoiding the effects of smoking.

But these tobacco alternatives pose a serious health threat too because of the ingredients they contain.

The 3 common products are dipping tobacco, chewing tobacco, and snuff. The health risks of using these products are mainly mouth and throat cancer. This picture below shows you what mouth cancer looks like.

smokeless tobacco

But cancer is not the only disease you can get from using these products.

The first social turn off is bad breath, also known as halitosis. I'm pretty sure you've encountered someone with bad breath and I believe that it was not a pleasant experience for you. A gas mask is the only thing that can save you from someone with halitosis.

The second social turn off is stained teeth. Look at the picture below. It's one thing to have stained teeth from coffee, but these smokeless alternatives really set the bar high. I can't imagine myself kissing these teeth. You?
smokeless tobacco
The list goes on to gingivitis, which is your mouth gum bleeding, swelling and getting infections. This eventually leads to tooth loss.

Aside from the health issues, these products contain high levels of nicotine, thus favoring nicotine addictions and making quitting extremely difficult. Your chances of getting a heart attack is also greatly increased.

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