Smokeless Tobacco Ingredients

What are the smokeless tobacco ingredients? I did a little research to find out. These products are generally tobacco leaves that are grinded.

But manufacturers add other stuff in these smokeless products to make the taste more "enjoyable".


The main ingredient is nicotine. Smokeless tobacco products offer a faster head rush than cigarettes because the nicotine and other ingredients are quickly absorbed in the lining of the mouth.


The next main ingredients are the carcinogens coming from the leaves. Tobacco leaves contain nitrosamines like NNN, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and trace amounts of a radioactive substance called polonium-20. All of these substances cause cancer.

Snuff contains 1.6-135 mg of NNN per kg of product. Chewing tobacco contains 0.2-8.2 mg of NNN per kg of product. Did you know that foods in the US cannot contain more than 0.01 mg/kg. This amounts to more then 10,000 times of NNN in smokeless tobacco products than in foods.


The other products added are sweeteners. Manufacturers add sweeteners to hide the unpleasant taste of the tobacco leaves. You risk getting tooth decay because of the amount of time you leave the product in your mouth.


Flavoring salts are added also. The increased risk of blood pressure and kidney disease are for the older users of these products.

Smokeless tobacco products in general act as abrasives. As you chew, the product rubs against your gums and teeth and that wears them down.

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