Second Hand Smoke

Second hand smoke(SHS) is also known as passive smoking and occurs when tobacco smoke invades an environment and others within that environment are inhaling that smoke. Second hand smoking causes disabilities, diseases and even death. These are the same effects faced by someone smoking cigarettes.

Nowadays, the law prohibits you from smoking at the work place and in bars. I think this is a great law because now I am not forced to breath in the toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke. My lungs are spared the grave health risks that smoke brings.

The danger these days are for the young children that have parents that smoke. They are exposed to passive smoking at home and in the car. It's as if they were smoking with their parents.

The main risks posed to children are sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), asthma, lung infections, and allergies. In pregnant women, the main risks are having early pregnancy loss or low birth weight babies.

Second hand smoking is the factor that poses the greatest risk to children these days. It's one thing if you want to destroy your own body but it's definitely something else when your self destruction is also destroying someone else's health. Especially if it is a defenseless kid, pregnant woman, or elderly.

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