Reasons People Smoke

The reasons people smoke vary from person to person. A teenager might want to smoke because they are being rebellious. They want to break the rules and since smoking is practically being banned everywhere, they feel gratified by it.

Or they might try to smoke just to be part of the group. They are influenced by peer pressure. Some will smoke because they think it's cool. If you look at the advertising used for cigarettes, it is usually someone or a cartoon that looks cool or portrays a cool image.

Some people go through a traumatic or a hard experience and this can cause them to smoke too, for example, losing a child, a parent or a close friend. When someone is going through some hard times, like the recession and they have bills to pay and mouths to feed, then these stressful situations can cause them to smoke.

Some people have quit in the past and resumed smoking after difficult situations like going through a divorce. Smoking temporarily relieves their pain. It gives them a light headedness that temporarily helps them forget what they are going through.

I believe that most smokers continue to smoke because they have not been able to deal with their situations yet. Everyone goes through hard times, but not everyone deals with these hard times the same way.

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