Nicotine is one of the thousands of ingredients found in the tobacco leaf. It constitutes about 0.6-3.0% of the dry weight of the tobacco leaf. The cigarette contains an average of about 1 mg of this absorbed substance. At this level of concentration, it acts as a stimulant in humans.

As it enters your body, it is distributed in the bloodstream. It takes 7 seconds for it to reach the brain where it produces a number of effects mainly a head rush. I enjoyed those.

I would feel light headed and relaxed. But these feelings were due to my addiction. It’s not like tasting a cake and knowing if you like it or not. With cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products you have no choice.

You think you enjoy it when in fact you are addicted. When I realized that I was really addicted to cigarettes and continuously subjecting myself to its effects, I decided to do everything in my power to quit.

I tried and failed many times before finding this method that worked for me. I did not want to try the patch nor the gum because I didn’t believe that they would help me quit. I didn't want to spend the money too.

My cravings were pretty strong and I did not want to continue to satisfy them. The American Heart Association has stated that the addiction to this substance has historically been one of the hardest to break. It’s the hardest to break but it’s not impossible.

I had to face the withdrawal effects too. I had to fight the cravings too. But I kept fighting until I had finally quit. That’s the problem with cigarettes, easy to start and difficult to quit.

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