Nicotine Withdrawal

Some people are hesitant to quit smoking because they are afraid to experience the nicotine withdrawal effects. They are afraid of what will happen to their bodies when they suddenly stop or significantly reduce their nicotine intake.

The main symptom that I faced when I was quitting was the craving of smoking a cigarette. I used to get the occasional headache. But other people have had the effects of becoming irritable and suffering from increased blood pressure.

But the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms depend on how long you have been smoking for. Those of you who have smoked a larger number of cigarettes or smoked for a longer period of time are more likely to experience these symptoms. But almost all people who try to quit do suffer some form of withdrawal symptoms from the drug.

Other symptoms people have stated having to go through were impaired concentration, irritability, tension, disturbed sleep or drowsiness, intense longing for a cigarette/nicotine, headaches, and an increased appetite leading to weight gain.

The situation that makes quitting harder is when you associate doing things while smoking like, leaving home in the morning, or smoking on a coffee break, etc.

Sometimes people can experience some symptoms when cutting down to light cigarettes or cutting down the number smoked.

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