Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum is another product developed to help you quit. It is basically a chewing gum that provides nicotine to the body. The tissues of the mouth absorb the substance and deliver it to the bloodstream.

The average piece of gum contains the content of about 1 or 2 cigarettes. From what I learned about using this product is that you chew the gum until it gives you a tingling sensation or "peppery" taste.

nicotine gum

Then you place it between the cheek and gums. The tingling sensation will end, and you have to chew it again until the sensation returns. When the sensation returns, place it in a new location between the cheek and gums.

You have to repeat those steps until your cravings fade away or until the gum is depleted of nicotine.

The side effects of the gum includes hiccups, gum disease (with prolonged use), and hair loss. Pregnant women increase the risk of having babies with birth defects.

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