My Story

by Rick C.
(Toledo, Ohio)

I started smoking at age 14 at a summer camp. The camp lasted for four weeks. One of the camp counselors was my friend's brother who bought cigarettes for us. That summer I started sneaking around with my friend to go smoke. Pretty soon we were smoking everyday during camp, 7-8 times per day, sometimes 4-5 in an hour at night. That summer I knew I was addicted.

Throughout the next year I was always trying to find a way to get cigarettes. The next summer, the only reason I wanted to go to camp was for the cigarettes. From that time until I turned 18 I was smoking 3-5 per day.

As soon as I turned 18 I bought my very first pack of marb reds and have been smoking a pack 1/2 a day. Today I'm 20 and switched to lights to aid my trying to quit. I'm going to quit soon.

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