Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a disease in which the cells grow uncontrollably in the tissues of the lungs. In men, it is the leading cancer related death and in women it is the second leading related cancer death, following breast cancer.

The longer you smoke, the more you increase your chances of triggering this disease and really damaging your lungs. Second hand smoke also contributes to catching this disease.

Statisitics show that in the US alone, smoking is responsible for 87% of the cases.

The common symptoms of this disease are:

■ shortness of breath

■ weight loss

■ chronic coughing (accompanied with blood)

■ fatigue

■ loss of appetite

■ hoarse voice

■ difficulty swallowing

■ chest pain

If you decide to quit smoking now, you start to decrease the damage to your lungs. Your body is able to slowly repair them and gradually remove the contaminated particles from them.

lung cancer

CT scan showing a cancerous tumor in a lung.

Imagine if you go for a doctors visit and they tell you that you are diagnosed with this disease. What would you do?

I'll tell you now that there is not much you can do anymore. Your life is practically over. So think about that.

I have launched the Quash It !!! Campaign to help fight lung cancer. Join in and help spread the word.

If you are interested in knowing more about cancer, this web site is packed with information devoted to the prevention of all cancers.

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