Smoking cigarettes increases a man's chances of impotence by 85% compared to non-smokers. This is a staggering percentage when you think about it.

So far, I am a happily married man and I enjoy being with wife. I take great pleasure in satisfying her needs. If I had continued to smoke at the rate that I was smoking, about a pack per day, then I believe that my flag would have problems rising.

She would be frustrated and start to look elsewhere for satisfaction. How can smoking cigarettes cause a man to have an erectile dysfunction? This can happen by a process called arterial narrowing.

It is the same process that leads to heart attacks. The arteries in that area shrink and not enough blood can flow to where it needs to.

Smoking cigarettes or using smokeless tobacco products greatly affects your sperm's quality. If you are trying to have a family, then these little fellas won't be efficient swimmers.

They won't make it to the finishing line. I know many friends that have been trying to build a family but were unsuccessful because of their smoking habits. But this argument is based on those that want to have a family.

There are many of you out there that don't want that. You just want to enjoy your single life with many different partners. Well, women will know when there are problems down below.

The worst thing is that they will gossip with their other friends about you, and how junior was not able to perform as well as they were expecting. All because you've been smoking too much.

Is smoking cigarettes really worth all that? That's up to you to answer that.

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