i'm 14 and hooked on cigarettes

by josh


I first started smoking when I was 13 and now I am hooked and have a 10 a day habit at this moment of time.

I started because I was hanging out with some older kids,and one of them offered me a pack real cheap,and said how cool I looked when I smoked. At first I felt sick after a cigarette and would cough alot and the other older kids would laugh at me saying that I was gay because I could not handle smoking a cigarette.

I guess I just wanted prove them wrong,so I started smoking on my own to get use to smoking to prove to them that I could handle smoking, not thinking that I was getting a addicted. After I smoked my first pack I started craving for a cigarette so much and he offered me another pack.

At first I said no, but I remember he open the pack and got one out for me and in the end the craving got the better of me and I ended up buying them and I ended up a smoker from that point onwards.

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