I Quit For a Baby

by Pradeep
(Chennai, Tamil nadu, India)

I was a smoker for a long period of time. The main reason for my smoking is that it gives a me thrill. My parents advised me in an anxious way, which made me more excited to smoke.

Later, they understood my character and left me without advising. But they spoke to me about persons who died of lung cancer. They asked me to do some exercise. While exercising I felt my stamina was very much reduced and I was ashamed and I came to the decision that I should stop smoking one day.

I reduced the amount of smoking, but I couldn't quit. So I thought that I should have a strong reason to quit. My sister was married but did not have a baby for more than 4 years.
I used to pray to God that she would have a baby soon so that I would give up my bad habits.

By Aug 2010 my sister conceived, I was very happy. I promised my sister's baby, whom is 1 month old, that I would quit smoking because my sister's baby should breath good air.

For the baby's good birth, I will have some conscious that I should not smoke. I wish every smoker should make a promise like this. We hope total shut down for the cigarette company.

Those who read this story please email me and ask now are you smoking? dpradeepkumar07@gmail.com even a single mail will make me there are people to imitate my mistake.

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