How I Quit Smoking

I am going to tell you how I quit smoking. As I stated before, I started smoking when I was a teen. I made the choice to quit when I was about 28 years old and I decided to fully quit in two years.

But you decide how long you want to take to quit. I can tell you that this method works because 5 years and counting have passed since my last cigarette.

I've come to realize that I'm just part of a statistic and that my experience is definitely not any different from yours if you are smoking or deciding to quit.

I don't even want to smoke anymore. I do not have any cravings nor urges to smoke. I have reached a point where someone smoking next to me actually bothers me a bit. My life now is about feeling good and living a balanced life.

I also did not use any nicotine patches, or nicotine gums, or anything that contains nicotine. Even the smokeless tobacco products did not interest me. The other ways to quit did not suit me. I wanted to quit once and for all.

Don't get me wrong, quitting was not easy. I made many mistakes and found myself smoking still. It took perseverance and determination and will. I did not have any support from friends nor family.

At the time most of my friends smoked anyways, so I when I told them that I was quitting they would laugh as if I had told them some kind of joke. They would tempt me and tease me with cigarettes. But today, only one or two of them continue to smoke.

My family was indifferent towards me. I had told them so many times that I was quitting and they would catch me with cigarettes in my mouth that they didn't take me seriously anymore.

This method contains 5 steps. I've grouped the first 2 steps in Stage 1 and the last 3 steps into

Stage 2.

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