Cold Turkey

The decision to quit smoking cold turkey requires a lot of determination and perseverance from you. This method requires that you drop the habit of smoking and ignore your nicotine addiction all at once.

You have to try to avoid thinking about cigarettes and avoid giving in to your bodies' cravings for nicotine. The advantage of using this method to stop smoking is that it's free.

The disadvantage is that you might not be able to withhold the nicotine cravings required by your body and go back to smoking. You also start to feel stressed out and irritated.

Studies show that 90% of people who want to quit, use this method. Unfortunately, 10% succeed on their first try. I tried quitting like that too, and I went back to smoking about a month later.

I wasn't proud of myself at all, and my friends weren't helping either. Every time I would meet with them for a few drinks or just go hanging out, they would dangle cigarettes in front of me and I would end up taking them and smoking them.

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