Chewing Tobacco

Back in the old days, chewing tobacco was the most common way of using tobacco leaves. It goes way back to the Native Americans mixing tobacco leaves with mineral lime and chewing it.

This product was so popular that "spittoons" were placed almost everywhere in both public and private places. Spittoons are containers especially designed for spitting into.

Imagine you walking down the street and people are spitting on the floor in the streets; you walk in a store to find people spitting in there too. And if you are not careful you probably would get spit on also. Maybe that is why smoking cigarettes became so popular in the 1900's.

You can find this product presented as both long strands or shredded leaves.

chewing tobacco

You use it by placing it between the cheek and gums at first and then you crush it with you teeth to release the flavors and nicotine.

After placing this product in your mouth, it mixes with your saliva and produces juices that you spit out. If you swallow that juice, you can get sick and nauseous.

Using these types of tobacco products greatly increase your chances getting cancer, mainly both mouth and pancreatic cancer. Another thing is that you may quickly become addicted to the product because of the nicotine.

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