Chantix Helped Me Quit

by Cheryl

I'm 24 and I started smoking when I was 16. I did it for varying reasons over the years. I did it to be cool. I did it to fit in. I did it to relax.

I did it at school because I had something in common with the other smokers. I did it because I had tried almost everything to quit. I've tried hypnosis. (It was restful but it didn't help and cost me good money).

I've tried cold turkey. I've tried the patch and the gum. (But to me taking nicotine to get over the addiction to nicotine is kind of pointless).

So has anyone heard heard of Chantex? It's a pill that you take twice a day. It is not a nicotine substitute. I went to the doctor to discuss quitting and the doctor told me about it.

She had 5 nurses on it and they all swore it was the best thing that happened to them. It is kind of expensive because it is new and many insurance types don't cover it. It cost me about $130 per month. But I didn't even need it for a full 2 months.

When I first got it I read all the direction and warnings for it. The instructions say that you will still have the withdrawals and the anxiousness and the aggravation and stress that comes with quitting. By the time I finished reading it I was thinking "Why the hell would I take it then?" So it's a psych drug.

So you will go through all the withdrawals. But I took it anyway. And you know what... It Works! Within the first week I went from 1 1/2 packs a day to just 2 cigarettes a day. The second week I was done! I hope this helps some of you who are feeling like it can't be done. Good luck. It makes such a difference!

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