Cancer Types

One of the major effects of smoking cigarettes is the great possibility of living with different cancer types. Patrick Swayze passed away last year because of this. He had pancreatic cancer and he got it from smoking.

Cancer is a hard disease where a group of your cells start to grow uncontrollably. Then they start invading the surrounding tissues. As they continue to spread they invade the other parts of your body via the blood until the time comes where body can't take it anymore.

The ingredients found in the cigarette smoke and smokeless tobacco products causes the genes in your body cells to change. The main types of cancer that are caused by tobacco products are lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and throat cancer. Cigarette smoke contains over 50 known carcinogens(agents responsible for the promotion of cancer). Quit smoking now and you greatly reduce your chances of getting cancer.

You can be more involved in the fight against cancer by visiting this website from the American Cancer Society and getting more information.

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