Quash It !!!

I am launching a campaign called Quash It !!! to make people around the world more aware of their smoking habits and how this habit impacts their homes, environment and community.

I've made an investment in obtaining these nice designs and placing them on useful everyday products (t-shirts, stickers, mugs, etc). What's more important, I am donating 90% of the profit obtained from the sale of these items to the Lung Cancer Research Foundation. I feel that it is a terrible disease to have.

And although one who has obtained this disease from smoking too many cigarettes, still should receive help when suffering from it. I have many friends that smoke still, and despite my efforts to get them to quit, they are good people that make positive contributions to society (smoking is not one of them).

So make yourself comfy, and browse at the images below. Click on a design that you like, and you will be taken to the product items containing the design.

Thank you for making a positive contribution to get the message across.

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